A boost for child respiratory health
Prof Heather Zar has been awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) Extramural Research Unit which will allow her develop her research on childhood respiratory disease even further.
The Road to Health Campaign
An initiative by the School of Child and Adolescent Advocacy Committee to put doctors, nurses and children back on the road to health.
Opening of the Childsafe Centre
The Child safe building was opened on Red Cross grounds last year. Childsafe South Africa aims to reduce and prevent intentional and unintentional injuries of all severity through research, education, environmental change and recommendations for...
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    Fellows in our midst ....

    Dr Liesl Zuhlke has being made a Fellow of the
    European Society of Cardiology. The diploma is
    conferred during the congress each year. The
    Fellowship of the European Society of Cardiology
    (FESC) is an internationally-recognised,prestigious
    position, confirmed by the FESC diploma, for
    excellent clinical cardiologists and cardiovascular
scientists with a deep interest and knowledge of cardio-vascular medicine.


     PG Diploma Graduate ....

     Dr Brenda Morrow will be graduating with a PG
     Diploma in Health Research Ethics from the
     University of Stellenbosch.  Brenda did outstandingly
     in this course, attaining the top mark in her class and
     completing with distinction.


    NRF Y2 Rating ....

     Dr Carol Hlela, Paediatric Dermatologist at RCH, has
     been given a Y2 rating by the NRF, as a promising
     young researcher. A Y2 rating is awarded to a young
     researcher who is recognised as having the potential
     to establish themselves as a researcher of
     considerable standing.


     Adhominem Promotion ....

     Dr Chris Scott has been promoted ad hominem to
     Associate Professor at UCT. 



     South African Thoracic Society GSK Research Award

     Dr Shrish Budree has been awarded the 2014 South
      African Thoracic Society GSK Research Fellowship
      for his study "Nutrition, micronutrient deficiency and
     childhood pneumonia in the first year of life in a
     South African birth cohort"  Dr Budree will be
investigating the relationship between nutrition and
     pneumonia in the Drakenstein Study towards his PhD