Advocacy and Child Health

The Advocacy Committee aims to promote, and give effect to, children’s rights to health, survival and development within the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, the hospitals in which we teach/practice, and the wider community that we serve. This includes evaluating the health care we provide, advocating for change, and addressing the upstream determinants of child health. 

Contact details

The Advocacy Committee meets on the second Friday of each month. We welcome engagement and encourage you to raise issues by contacting Chris or Lori, or by making contact with individual committee members.

Contact Numbers

Diane Gray



Lori Lake



Critical issues and current campaigns

•    Community-based services

In 2017, the advocacy committee hosted a symposium that advocated for increased investment in community health workers to reduce under-five mortality.    Read more ...

•    Child Health Priorities Conference 

The 2016 Child Health Priorities Conference focused on “SURVIVE. THRIVE. TRANSFORM” in line with the WHO’s global strategy for Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health. Highlights included plenary sessions on the first 1000 days, community child health and reports from the District Clinical Specialist Teams.   For more information see the programme and recorded presentations

•    National Health Insurance 

In 2016, the advocacy committee took the lead in analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the NHI White Paper from a child health perspective. For the full submission click here.

•    Road to Health Book

The Road to Health Book is a powerful tool for empowering parents and families, and enhancing continuity of care. But it is rarely put to optimum use. So in 2015 the Advocacy Committee initiated a pledge campaign to put doctors, nurses and children back on the road to health.  Read more...

•    Standards for children in emergency care

The Standards for Paediatric Emergency Care - Expert Consensus Report for the Western Cape have adopted a child rights approach in order to strengthen child-friendly care in emergency settings.  Read more...