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Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee brings together paediatric specialists, nurses, social workers, allied health professionals, public health specialists, registrars, medical students, health managers and child health advocates with a common interest in children’s rights and child health. This includes representatives from Victoria, New Somerset, Mowbray and Red Cross Children’s Hospitals as well as partner organisations such as RXRadio, ChildSafe, PaedSoc and the Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative.

Contact/For more information

The Advocacy Committee meets on the second Friday of each month. We welcome engagement and encourage you to raise issues by contacting Di or Lori, or by making contact with individual committee members.

Di Gray
Di Gray 076 161 3171
Lori Lake
Lori Lake 082 558 0446

Membership list

  • Co-Chair: Lori Lake, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town
  • Co-chair: Di Gray, Division Paediatric Pulmonology, Red Cross Children’s Hospital 
  • Administrator: Jenny Alves, jenny.alves@uct.ac.za

Core working group

  • Prof Andrew Argent
  • Sr Jane Booth
  • Ms Carla Brown
  • Dr Thandi De Wit
  • Prof Michael Hendricks
  • Sr Inger Hendry
  • Prof Marion Jacobs
  • Dr Max Kroon
  • Dr Michelle Meiring
  • Dr Sashmi Moodley
  • Ms. Noluyolo Ngumani
  • Mr. Sameer Rahim
  • Dr Louis Reynolds
  • A/Prof Chris Scott
  • Prof Wendy Vogel
  • Prof Tony Westwood
  • Dr Gabriel Urgoiti
  • Representative Paediatric Student Society

Contributing members

  • Ms Yolande Baker
  • Dr Maresa Botha
  • Ms Shihaam Cader
  • A/Prof Minette Coetzee
  • Dr Rowan Dunkley
  • Dr Samah El-Boraei
  • Ms Juliet Evans
  • Sr Mitzi Franken
  • Ms Chantal Groenewald
  • Sr Haroun Galiema
  • Dr Lucy Jamieson
  • Dr Tamara Kerbelker
  • Prof Mignon McCulloch
  • Mr Wandile Mhlongo
  • Dr Karen Milford
  • Mr Quma Nakisa
  • Dr Kirsten Reichmuth
  • Dr Natasha Rhoda   
  • A/Prof Muloiwa Rudzani      
  • Dr Gill Schermbrucker
  • Dr Jawaya Shea
  • Dr Danielle Shepherd
  • A/Prof Maylene Shung King
  • Dr Raphaella Stander
  • Dr Ben Van Stormbroek
  • Dr Petula Wicomb
  • Dr Graeme Spittal
  • Dr Shamiel Salie
  • Dr Sebastian Van As