African Pediatric Fellowship Programme featured on CNN

9 Jan 2018 - 13:15

CNN Inside Africa has featured the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme which in the past 10 years has successfully trained fellows from partner African academic institutions based on identified child health needs of these countries. The 30 minute piece (broken into 3 clips) features a background on APFP and follows up with fellows who have returned home to Zambia, Malawi and Uganda.

Tackling Africa's pediatrician shortfall

The need for child medical specialists in Africa is evident, the African Pediatric Fellowship Programme is looking to find life-changing solutions

Source: CNN

The tech curbing child mortality in Malawi

With better training and equipment, doctors come up with innovative devices to better child healthcare in Malawi

Source: CNN

Neonatal outlier is training for a better tomorrow

The only neonatal doctor in Zambia's public sector empowers future pediatric healthcare workers to make a difference in Africa's healthcare industry

Source: CNN