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Postgraduate Diploma in Community and General Paediatrics

Postgraduate Diploma in Community and General Paediatrics

The PG Diploma is designed to equip child health clinicians (doctors, allied healthcare therapists and medical social workers) to function more effectively at the intersection between child health and clinical care. Read more here.....

The learning outcomes of the programme are designed to:

  • provide knowledge, approaches and tools in child health to medical officers, family physicians and paediatricians in public health services, especially at district and regional levels.
  • provide knowledge, approaches and tools in child health to allied healthcare therapists and medical social workers, especially those working at primary and secondary levels of care.
  • align with the requirements of the District  Clinical  Specialist  Team  (DCST)  posts that  are part of the National Health Insurance-associated Re-engineering of Primary Health Care;
  • align with, provide, the necessary training towards a proposed sub-specialty in community paediatrics and child health. 


The courses include advocacy and children’s rights; basic epidemiology and research appraisal; health management and leadership; child health policies and programmes; optimising care for children with long- term health conditions; health information systems; communication, education and training, and experiential learning


First year
Course Code Course Description Credits
PED4005S Child Health Policies 14
PED4008F Advocacy and Children's Rights 10
PED4009S Health Information Systems 10
PED4049F/S Basic Epidemiology and Research Appraisal 16
PED4051T Experiential Learning - Part I 15
Second Year
PED4003F Health Management and Leadership 14
PED4006F Optimising Clinical Care for Long-term Health Conditions 16
PED4010S Communication, Education and Training 10
PED4052T Experiential Learning - Part 2 15
Total credits 120


The PG Diploma in Community and General Paediatrics is a two year part-time course. It is a blended programme with online learning and blocks of contact time. The emphasis is on learner-centred, context-based and experiential learning. Assessments are assignment-based.

An example of the schedule is for year 1 is reflected in the schedule below: 


Please consult the University Fee Handbook  to see the details on fee payment process and deadlines. 

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