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African Paediatric Fellowship Programme

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   APFP Annual report 2020
   Since 2007, the APFP @ UCT has trained 131 specialist and sub-specialist paediatricians and allied health
   workers from across Africa, with a further 32 mid-training at the end of 2020.

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    Respiratory disease kills nine million children a year and causes life-long complications for countless more.
    Read this case study to find out what APFP -trained paediatric pulmonologists are doing to transform
    childhood respiratory health in Africa.


 APFP Annual Report 2019

The African Paediatric Fellowship Programme is now a national resource and has been rolled out across the country to 2 other sites. Further information about this can be attained by the following link.


APFP Featured on CNN

The need for child medical specialists in Africa is evident, the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme is
looking to find life-changing solutions. Source: CNN. Read more