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Paediatric Allergy Webinars

Dear Colleagues

During a previous webinar we were not able to record Mike Levin's talk on Allergic Rhinitis Management.

Fortunately he had the opportunity to give the talk again and we were able to make a recording which is now available.

Please feel free to direct other colleagues to this site.
Please remember our Allergies in Africa Webinar; 'Biologic Therapies and Adverse Reactions to Biologics' by Tamara Kerbelker will take place this Friday the16 August at 08h00 in the D3 lecture theater at Red Cross Hospital. It is also available live on Adobe Connect URL.


Dear All

Here is the URL to the recording of the talk: 'Perioperative Anaphylaxis' by Jenny Thomas. About a quarter of the way through the talk we lost our connection , however the talk does resume but without the video of the speaker.

It is a very interesting talk, well presented and worth watching.

Our next Allergy in Africa Webinar will take place on the 16 August 2013, the topic is 'Biologic therapies and adverse reactions to biologics', and it will be given by Tamara Kerbelker.

Please feel free to share this recording with any one who you think will be interested.