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Child Nurse Practice Development


The Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative

The Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative (CNPDI) is a
nurse-led academic initiative
built on a broad multidisciplinary
platform, in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at the
University of Cape Town (UCT), and situated at the Red Cross War
Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa.              

                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Karin Schermbrucker
CNPDI’s mission is to build children’s nursing for Africa in Africa. After an initial brief to re-establish children’s nursing training at UCT, 10 years on CNPDI’s scope of activity has now broadened to a point where we are now considered a leading partner in building the children’s nursing workforce in Africa.

We build Children’s Nursing for Africa in Africa by:
1. Training children’s nurses to work to best effect in Africa’s health systems
2. Working with educators who train children’s nurses
3. Working with nurses and teams to best effect in Africa’s health systems
4. Building the evidence base for working to best effect in Africa’s health systems

What drives our work?
An increase in trained nurses is vital when one considers that nurses are the mainstay of care for hospitalised children in Africa’s health services. While strengthening preventative and primary health care interventions remains key in decreasing Under-5 mortality, 10-20% of children are too sick to be managed at clinic level and will be referred to secondary and tertiary facilities where nurses are often the first and sometimes the only cadre of professional paediatric staff. Being cared for by an appropriately trained children’s nurse with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to deliver high quality evidence-based care is key to improving outcomes for sick and injured children in hospital.

CNPDI offers courses on the UCT’s Division of Nursing & Midwifery 3 Postgraduate Children’s Nursing programmes: PG Diploma in Child Nursing, PG Diploma in Critical Care Child Nursing and a professional Masters: Master of Nursing in Child Nursing.  For more information about any of these programmes please see the CNPDI website. To date these UCT programmes have trained 290 children’s nurses.

This is in addition to the programmes that we have helped to establish in Kenya, Malawi & Zambia. These have added a further 200 children’s nurses to Africa’s health systems.

We have, to date researched and developed 4 region-fit models and tools for educational and clinical practice development.
This is in addition to contributing to 19 peer-reviewed papers to the knowledge base about children’s nursing in Africa.
Visit www.childnursingpractice.uct.ac.za for more details.

For more information contact: Jane Vos, Programme Manager: jane.vos@uct.ac.za