Site visits & outcome summaries 2016

KPA conference- April 2016

The Kenyan Paediatrics Association (KPA) hosted its 16th Annual Scientific Conference in April 2016. This was a highly successful and interactive conference: APFP alumni were represented in virtually every single session at the conference, illustrating their tremendous local impact. Dr Lawrence Okongo, Rheumatology fellow, who is the first ever Paediatric Rheumatologist in Kenya – organised a rheumatology examination workshop. Prof Chris Scott, APFP ambassador at the conference, contributed to the rheumatology workshop and gave two further talks on rheumatic diseases topics, emphasizing aspects relevant to local paediatricians and encouraging attendees to make use of the new service at their disposal.  See full report here

Multidisciplinary site visit at Windhoek Central Hospital in Namibia: August 2016

From 1–4 August 2016, an APFP team conducted a Multidisciplinary site visit at Windhoek Central Hospital in Namibia. The team included Assoc. Brenda Morrow, Alvin Ndondo (RCWMCH staff member), Vivienne Norman (Speech and language therapist) and Shahieda Khan (experienced physio at RCWMCH). During their visit they conducted various workshops/lectures which included sessions for practical discussion and problem-solving. The team met with stakeholders (including CEO of Windhoek Central, and representatives from the Ministry of Health and Special Services) at Windhoek Central Hospital to discuss strategic plans, including training needs and future planning.  See full report here