Allergy in Africa Webinars

The University of Cape Town, Division of Paediatric Allergy runs a series of talks at the Red Cross Children’s War Memorial Hospital in Cape Town. These talks cover issues relating to allergy and asthma, with a special focus on allergy practice in developing countries. We offer these talks via a live video feed to accommodate people who are unable to attend due to distance.

The method we use is Adobe Connect. Participants are able to hear and see the speaker and see their PowerPoint presentation as well as type any questions they may have during the talk into a message box. There is no cost to participate in the webinars.

Individuals, or a group of interested parties in your hospital, university or community can arrange to meet around one computer or screen to access the talks The webinars will take place at 8:00 am South African time and are thus suited for people in Africa, Europe, and the Indian subcontinent. Participants who would like to join but cannot make the sessions live due to time zone differences will be able to view the recorded webinars below.

To sign up for future correspondence and to receive the invitations containing the URL (link) to the talks, or to ask any questions please email Heidi Facey-Thomas at

Remember that all our past webinars have been recorded and are available below

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the lecture theatre at Red Cross, but for those of you who can't make it please download Adobe Flash Player follow the prompts and become part of this ever widening network of knowledge-sharing and learning. 

Then to join the meetings:

  1. Click on the link that appears in the Allergy in Africa invitation that would have been sent to you.
  2. When prompted during login choose, 'Enter as a guest' and write your name, surname and HPCSA number or equivalent for CPD points, then click 'Enter room'.
  3. When the next window opens click 'Request entry'.

We look forward to seeing you either in the auditorium or online!

The Allergy in Africa team

The Division of Allergy in the Department of Paediatrics strives to achieve world class allergy service, education and research which is relevant and useful in the context of the Developing World.


31 July The Microbiome and Respiratory Antiviral Immunity Dr M Grayson
24 July New insights into Regulation of Type 2 Immunity Dr W Horsnell
03 July Common Variable Immune Deficiency Dr J vd Walt
15 May Allergic Rhinitis Medication Dr M Kampengele
17 April Early Life Origins of Life and Disease Prof J Warner
3 April New treatments for Atopic Dermatitis Dr A Yassin
20 March Venom Allergy around the world Dr K Browde
28 February Biologics Targeting Type II Inflammation Dr K Wild
21 February Allergies with an Immunological Twist: Cases and discussion Prof C Gray
2 February United Airway Prof J Warner
6 December Food Allergy/Intolerance in all it’s Guises  Prof J Warner
29 November Lung Function Testing and Interpretation Dr D Gray
8 November  Eosinophilic Gastroenteropathy Dr M Deetlets
20 September Coeliac Disease and other non Allergic Reactions to Wheat Dr Evelyne Ng'ang'a
6 September Cutaneous Non IgE Mediated Drug Reactions Janet Van Der Walt
28 June Allergy Avoidance Strategies, focusing on Atopic Dermatitis Pieter de Waal
14 June Beta Lactam Allergy Prof Jonny Peter
28 September Ocular Allergy Disorders Dr Diana Marangu
7 September Seafood Allergy Dr Nkeiruka elsie Ezomike
13 July Advances in Alpha-Gal Allergy Prof M Levin
29 June Approach to Severe Atopic Dermatitis Dr Norbetta Washaya
15 June Sulphite Hypersensitivity Dr Pieter de Waal.
4 May Management of severe asthma including new treatments. Dr Sandra Owusu
23 March Angioedema Dr Adaeze Ayuk
3 March Vaccination in Food Allergy Dr Ruan Vosloo
1 December The Year in Research    Prof. C. Gray,  Dr. T. Mabelane, Dr. M.
17 November Hyper IgE Syndrome Made Simple
(or tried to. . .)
Dr Kate Browde
20 October More Than Skin Deep: Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Hereditary Angioedema Dr Jeanette Holtzhausen
8 September Food Immunotherapy: Where Are We Now? Dr Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn
18 August When its not simple Allergic Rhinitis ... The role of mentoring. Dr Oladayo Awotedu
23 June Problems making antibodies - What does this mean for the Allergist A/Prof Jonny Peter
26 May Non-Pharmacological Management of Atopic Eczema Dr Nadia De Villiers
30 March Seafood Allergy Dr Lydia Wong
17 March Penicillin Allergy Dr Tshegofatso Mabelane
20 January Infant Feeding Practices and Allergy Sasha Watkins
4 November Meat Allergy Dr Tshegofatso Mabelane
21 October Benzalkonium Related Reactions & Severe Reactions to food Additives: A Case Report. Dr Elizabeth Kiragu and Dr. Candice Royal
26 September  Molecular Biology of Peanut Allergens Co-Sensitisation and Cross-Reactivit Dr Erick Tankama
23 September  Urticaria Mystery Cases: Not Just Scratching on the surface Dr Jeanette Holtzhausen
9 September Hand Eczema Dr Carol Hlela
17 August Eosinophilic Oesophagitis            Prof Mike Levin
  Myth About Shellfish Allergy and Contrast Media       Dr T Mabelane
29 July The Role of IgE and Anti-IgE Therapy in Asthma Prof Mike Levin
1 July Genetic Determinants of Eczema Dr Candice Royal
27 May Urbanisation and Environmental Factors Contributing to the Allergy Epidemic Dr Maresa Botha
13 May Early Life Origins of Allergic Disease and Prospects for Prevention  Prof John Warner
15 April Immunotherapy Dr Olatunde Odusote
1 April Peanut Allergy Dr Thulja Trikamjee
19 February Allergies during Anaesthesia Dr Elizabeth Kiragu
27 November Primary Immunodeficiencies, Allergic Diseases Dr Jonny Peter 
11 November Canadian AllerGen: Innovation and Impact  Prof Judah Denburg 
19 June Hereditary Angioedema Dr Elizabeth Kiragu​
15 May Ocular Allergy Dr Shirani Naidoo
6 March Milk: How Much do We Know Dr Thulja Trikamjee
13 February Topical Corticosteroid Withdrawal: Red Skin Syndrome Prof Eugene Weinberg
7 November Adverse Reactions to Chemotherapeutics  Dr Tamara Kerbelker
29 September Fish Reactions, Allergy and Cross Reactivity Dr Alastair McAlpine
22 August IgA Deficiency – When is it Clinically Relevant Dr Monika Esser
6 August  The Bulk of the Iceberg revealed: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Dr Lawrence Afrin
1 August Food Allergy in Africa Dr Maresa Botha
20 June Allergy Related Immunology for Dummies Dr Frank Kirstein
30 May Treating Allergic Rhinitis to Improve Asthma Dr Gabaza Tiva
11 April Insect Allergy Dr Lesley Hendricks
14 March Management of Severe Asthma Prof Andrew Argent
21 February Mimics of Asthma Dr Talita Van Der Watt
31 January An Old Diagnosis Back in Vogue Prof Eugene Weinberg
1 November Indoor Allergens Dr Sharon Kling
15 November Mastocytosis Dr Di Hawarden
18 October Milk Allergy Dr Sasha Watkins
25 September Food Challenge Testing and Microbiome Influences on Allergy Expression  Dr Mike Levin and Dr Maresa Botha
13 September Chronic Rhinosinusitis a Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Dr Joe Frazer
30 August Efficacy of Environmental Controls in Asthma Jeanette Holtzhausen
16 August Biologic Therapies and Adverse Reactions to Biologics Dr Tamara Kerbelker
14 August Allergic Rhinitis Management, Education is key Dr Mike Levin
2 August Perioperative Anaphylaxis  
19 July Allergic Rhinitis: Patient Education Is The Key  
3 May Functional Asthma Assessment  Dr Di Gray
14 June Controller Medications for Asthma Mechanisms, Metabolism and Use Dr Mandy-Lyn Meyer
12 April Basics of anaphylaxis management (suitable for doctors, nurses and parents and teachers of kids with food allergy and anaphylaxis) Dr Mike Levin
5 April Asthma in South Africa; what Should We Do? Dr Mike Levin
15 March Urticaria and Angioedema Dr Claudia Gray.
1 March Atopic Dermatitis, Pathophysiology, evaluation, Differential Diagnosis and Therapy Dr Carol Hlela.
1 February Clinical Implications of asthma definitions and pathogenesis Dr Mike Levin
18 January Natural History of asthma, mild persistent asthma and step 3 in asthma guidelines Dr Steffen Bau