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Transformation Advisory Group

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Who are we?
The Transformation Action Group (TAG) was established in 2015 through the head of department and was initially comprised of members of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, UCT. However, being based at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (RCWMCH), the committee has expanded to include representations from the many divisions that serve the Children’s Hospital, including nursing, surgical disciplines and anaesthestics to name a few. TAG also works closely with RCWMCH management to foster an institutional culture change.

Committee members

Andrew Argent - HOD
Marion Arnold 
Anisa Bhettay
Minette Coetzee
Louise Cooke
Alan Davidson
Kirsty Donald
Samah el-Borai
Rebecca Gray
Marc Hendricks – Faculty TEC Chair
Carol Hlela
Bolekwa Mjikeliso
Alvin Ndondo
Anita Parbhoo
Adele Pearce
Shazia Peer
 Regina Pieters
Jawaya Shea
Aneesa Vanker - Chair
Petula Wicomb
Jo Wilmshurst
Liesl Zuhlke – Vice-Chair

Terms of Reference (TORS)

TAG Highlights

Foyer Rememorisation Project 

Voices sessions 

 The “VOICES” session were introduced in 2015. The intention is to address issues of institutional climate and to open avenues for dialogue around topics that are conventionally considered ‘sacred cows e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation etc. 

The VOICES format has traditionally involved two guest speakers, the first to set the intellectual landscape and raise controversies in that field, the second is usually a member of the department who speaks about their lived experience. We believe that one of the fundamental ways to shift thinking and by proxy action is to appeal to people’s intellect and their heart: the VOICES sessions do exactly that by situating the issues very specifically in the work environment amongst the people we work with.

These sessions occupy our Wednesday morning academic meeting slot which draws an average of 100-200 guests ranging from full professors and hospital administrators to undergraduate students of every rank and spanning disciplines: doctors, nurses, allied medical professionals and PASS staff. We have three sessions a year. Two additional sessions this year will tackle issues around disability and faith.

The sessions have become increasingly popular over time and it is our contention that it has been instrumental in shifting the consciousness of the department so that we can finally embark on building a transformation plan for the department.

TOPIC Co-Ordinator (TAG or obo) Speaker Staff
Race / First Departmental Survey Dr Marc Hendricks Dr Marc Hendricks E/Prof Marian Jacobs
Women in the workplace Dr Marc Hendricks A/Prof Susan Levine (UCT) A/Prof Liesl Zulhke 
Power (Rhodes & Me) Dr Marc Hendricks Prof Catherine Burns (WITS) Prof Tony Westwood
Hierarchy A/Prof Minette Coetzee A/Prof Minette Coetzee  
Language Prof Mike Levin
Dr Loise Cooke
Prof Mbulungeni Madiba (UCT) Dr Martie Wege
Sr Bolkwwa Mjikeliso
Nationality Prof Jo Wilmshurst     Prof Jo Wilmshurst   Drs: Alusine Jalloh (Sierra Leone), Rachel Mlotha-Mitole (Malawi), Sandra Boamah (Ghana), Abubaker Fadlieimola (Sudan), Saswan Yassin (Sudan) & Diana Marangu (Kenya)
Children’s Voices  A/Prof Kirsty Donald A/Prof Kirsty Donald Lori Lake (Advocacy Committee)
Dr Gabriel Urgoti (Red Cross Radio)
Inter-Faculty Reflections    
Dr Marc Hendricks Dr Zenda Woodman (IBMS)
Prof Sharon Kleintjes (DPMH)
Faith Dr Marc Hendricks    E/Prof James Cochrane    
RCWMCH Inter-Faith Pastoral Care Team led by Rev Lynn Pedersen
Disability A/Prof Kirsty Donald     Dr Marlene Le Roux  
Gender Identity     Dr Aneesa Vanker Dr Anastacia Tomson      
Mental Health/Self-care in the work place  Prof Kirsty Donald     Anna Donald  
Paediatrics, Pregnancy and Parenthood: VOICES from the Front-line Dr Louise Cooke, Dr Samah El- Borei     Fefe Mpisane, Thandi de Wit and Osama Abumregha  
Flexible Working Hours        
 A/Prof Aneesa Vanker      



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